A Small Business New Year’s Resolution You Might Not Have Thought Of

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If you’re thinking about New Year’s resolutions for your business, they might be related to expanding your territory, dealing with a personnel problem, organizing the stock room, etc.  In other words, you may be thinking of things related your day-to-day operations.  I’d like to give you another possible resolution that will help you if you… Read more »

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Hot Work – Don’t Burn Your End

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You may be thinking, “Leave it to an insurance guy to write about Hot Work at the start of winter.” However, I hope you learn something about different types of Hot Work here. We’re not talking about the kind of heat which farmers are so used to, like toiling in the fields in summer, or… Read more »

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What Are You Plowing Into?

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As I inch up the thermostat, I wonder when the outdoors will turn from green to white. Many seasonal contractors that I know operate snow removal equipment. And, there are many things to consider as the winter season approaches. How much staff should you leave on call? How much sand and salt should you purchase?… Read more »

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Prepare Farm Buildings for Winter

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Imagine all the time that you spend winterizing your property: for example, making sure winter clothes and coats are adequate; and having feed, water and shelter available for the animals on the coldest days.  As you go through your winterizing checklist, you likely review your vehicles, home and animals, but have you considered what should… Read more »

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