OSHA 300A: A Poster or a Performance Benchmark?

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OSHA 300A: A Poster or a Performance Benchmark? A quick reminder: February 1st was the deadline to post your annual OSHA 300A form, and it must remain posted through April 30th. Employers with more than ten employees and whose establishments are not classified as a partially exempt industry must record work-related injuries and illnesses using OSHA Forms: It’s now… Read more »

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Carbon Monoxide: Winter’s Silent Enemy

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What is carbon monoxide and where is it found? Carbon monoxide, otherwise known by its chemical symbol, “CO”, is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause sudden illness and/or death.  It is found in combustion fumes such as those produced by cars, trucks, gasoline engines, stoves, burning fuels such as wood and charcoal and heating… Read more »

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Telematics: The Future is Now

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You have either started reading this blog because you know about telematics or you have no idea and want to find out. So, starting with the latter: Telematics is the branch of information technology that deals with long-distance transmission of computerized information.  Put in simple terms, telematics is the blending of wireless telecommunications like GPS,… Read more »

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Pancake Prevention – Preventing Snow Load Roof Collapse

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Snowflake…snowflake….snowflake, how much do you weigh?  Right around .002 grams. How does this compare to other items? Feather, about .05 grams. Chocolate Kiss 41grams. Cubic inch of water .036lbs. Cubic foot of water 62.416 lbs. So, how do a bunch of snowflakes pancake buildings each year? Generally speaking, it’s not the snowflakes that collapse a… Read more »

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Your Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Will Likely Change in 2013

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Even If There Is No Change in Your Losses The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) (www.ncci.com) calculates the Experience Rating Modifications (ERMs) for all but six states (CA, DE, MA, NJ, NY, PA) and calculates all interstate ERMs.  In 2013, there is a change in the way ERMs are calculated that may affect you.  In simple… Read more »

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Touchdown for Trucker Safety

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Compliance, Safety and Accountability – or, “CSA 2010”.  When this regulation first rolled out to the trucking world (albeit in 2011), I found many of my trucking clients did not understand it, nor were hurrying to grasp its importance.  Everyone knew about and understood the safestats, which was the previous way the Federal Motor Carrier… Read more »

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