Deck, Deck, Crash!

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Avoid Balcony, Porch and Deck Collapse Duck, Duck, Splash is an alternative to the traditional children’s game of Duck, Duck Goose. It’s played in the summer months, where a “picker” carries a small bucket of water around players who are sitting in a circle, and splashes the person who will be the goose. It’s fun… Read more »

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Confused about your Small Business Insurance Policy? You’re Not Alone

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Have you ever read your entire insurance policy?  Probably not.  Have you understood every word of what you have read?  Again, probably not.  The insurance industry tends to use words that are unique to only the insurance industry.  I thought we might take some time to look at some of the terminology used in the… Read more »

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What is the New Hampshire Second Injury Fund?

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The New Hampshire Second Injury Fund (NHSIF) was established in 1975 as a mechanism to promote the hiring of individuals with pre-existing conditions, injuries or disabilities.  The NHSIF provides employers and their insurance carriers with limited liability for subsequent injuries that are sustained by such individuals in the course & scope of employment by reimbursing the insurers… Read more »

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