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How does your daily routine impact the security of your important business data?

Building little things into your daily and weekly procedures can pay off in providing greater security of your data.  In many cases, your vigilance is all that stands between your business and a privacy breach. Below are three best practices that you can follow to help protect your data and your business from a data breach:

  •  Buy and install a high quality, broad coverage, anti-virus and encryption package for all of your desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.  However, the purchase and installation alone is just a first step.  On a weekly basis you should run the update program on all of your software and files.  Updates and patches that are provided by the vendor should be installed promptly.  The firewall tools should be put in place and also updated as needed.
  • Keep a detailed inventory of owned and employee owned equipment that has access to company e-mail and records.  On a regular basis you should make sure all are physically accounted for, and have the correct and up to date security tools in place and active.  Discuss the importance of safeguarding this equipment with your employees.
  • Finally, make sure that the regular review of insurance for your business with your agent includes a discussion of buying the right level of protection. Many insurance products available today can cover expense reimbursement coverages to help you respond to a data breach and notify affected persons or entities. Some products also offer liability coverage to help protect your business in the event an affected person or business sues your business as a result of a breach. As an example, Acadia’s Privacy Breach and Cyber Coverage program offers a wide range of choices that can be put in place to help protect our customers.

For additional best practices or for additional insurance information, contact your local Acadia Insurance independent insurance agent. If you need to find an Acadia agent, go to our website and select the “Find An Agent” button.


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