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The business disruption and cost of employee injuries on a business are well known, if understated. Not only is it important to promote a strong safety culture and help protect employees from injury, it is also just as important to have best practices in place when an injury does occur so that you can respond promptly and provide your employee with the right care as quickly as possible. One important way you can help mitigate an employee’s lost time and help them return to work or light duty is to partner with a preferred medical provider.  

First, what is a Preferred Medical Provider?

A preferred medical provider is a physician or specialist who has experience managing Workers’ Compensation injuries and who can help your employee return to work or light duty when it is safe to do so. If you have multiple operating locations, you can select preferred medical providers near each of those operations who can provide care to injured employees. 

4 Benefits of having a preferred medical provider or list of providers available to your workforce

  1. Having a consistent preferred medical provider or group of providers helps ensure that all injured employees receive a consistent high standard of care and helps employees feel valued.
  2. Developing a relationship with a provider helps them become familiar with your business operations and they can work with you to return employees to work or light duty more quickly, reducing disruption to your business.
  3. Posting a list of preferred providers creates clear guidance to your employees on who they may see if they are injured at work.
  4. Using preferred providers consistently can help reduce medical costs, business interruption expenses and insurance costs over time.

Locating a preferred medical provider

There are a few ways you can identify preferred medical providers in your area. Your insurance agent or worker’s compensation carrier may be able to assist you by providing you with a directory of recommended doctors. For example, Acadia Insurance agents and policyholders have access to an online searchable directory of recommended providers and specialists.   In addition, policyholders have access to a toll-free help line where they can speak with a nurse and receive lists of preferred medical providers based on the location and/or injury type of the employee.

As with almost everything, preparation is key. While you don’t want to see any of your employees become injured at work, having a plan in place to quickly put them on the road to recovery is in the best interest of your employees and your business.

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