Keys to Managing and Securing Your Remote Work Environment

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After nine months of working from home, many wonder if the new normal is here to stay. While an exciting proposition for some employees who have found themselves more productive and satisfied with work-life balance, such an initiative raises questions as well. As the initial move to remote work was considered a rapid response by… Read more »

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Return to Work: Understanding Workers’ Compensation in the Age of COVID

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As 2020 comes to a close, the coronavirus global pandemic is still ongoing while hopes of an effective vaccine appear to be at our doorstep. We’ve made it through various phases of shut-downs and re-openings.  Needless to say, whenever the reopening of your business occurs, business leaders need to plan for the nuances in workers’… Read more »

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Wunderite Powers Digital-First Model for Independent Insurance Agencies

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Boston-based Insurtech Wunderite digitizes sales process for upstart independent insurance agency Dremca and insurance carrier partner Acadia. Boston, MA — February 10, 2021 – Wunderite, provider of an intuitive, customer-facing platform for independent insurance agencies, is pleased to announce a partnership with digital-first insurance agency Dremca which highlights how agencies can collaborate with insurance carriers… Read more »

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Tackling Cyber Risk for the Small to Mid-Sized Business

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On December 13, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned users of SolarWinds that hackers had compromised the system. A system that is used by hundreds of thousands of entities including several federal agencies, every one of the top ten telecommunications companies, every big five accounting firm, 85 percent of the Fortune 500, and… Read more »

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Protecting Employees from Hearing Loss

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Noise. It’s something we often can’t avoid. But for many workers, noise is something that isn’t just inevitable, it’s dangerous. Whether it’s in a manufacturing facility or on a construction site, employees are consistently exposed to dangerous levels of noise from engines, drills, pumps, stamping presses, conveyors, and much more. Hearing Loss is Common—and Preventable… Read more »

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Taking Steps to Protect Customers from Foodborne Illness

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Even if you’ve never experienced the joys of getting a “stomach bug,” chances are you’ve known somebody who has. With one in six Americans experiencing some kind of foodborne illness every year—resulting in an estimated 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths annually—‘food poisoning’ is one of the most common causes of illness. In honor of Food… Read more »

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Vehicle Safety: Understanding the Dangers of Red-Light Running

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One of the biggest reasons that it has taken so long to train autonomous vehicles is the sheer number of calculations that the human brain has to make every millisecond in order to stay safe on the road. Though the reality is getting close and research has advanced insanely quickly in the past 5 years,… Read more »

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In for the Long Haul: How Fitness Facilities Can Go from Recovery to Growth

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Fitness is a journey—you can’t think short-term. It’s all about building habits, committing to the long term, establishing goals, and executing. While this is probably something you tell your clients when they’re hesitant to sign a 12-month contract or when they try to cancel their membership, it’s also something you need to think about as… Read more »

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