Getting Your Own House in Order: Understanding Contractors’ Insurance Options

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Though it may not feel like it right now with the current stay at home orders, the market will once again pick up. Businesses who paused projects or expansion plans will want to resume work, and homeowners who paused renovations will want to get projects scheduled. Time on Your Hands Now, Time at a Premium… Read more »

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Tips for Protecting against Ice and Snow Dangers for Finance and Real Estate Companies

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If you’re in the northeastern United States, there are two certainties. First, it’s going to be cold. Second? You’re going to see snow. Lots of it. But you already know this. Knee-deep or even waist-deep snow is just a reality, thanks to the unique combination of latitude, altitude, and location between the ocean and the… Read more »

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Acadia Insurance Hires John Elias as Senior Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer

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Westbrook, Maine (January 1, 2020)- Acadia Insurance is pleased to announce the hiring of John Elias to the Acadia Insurance management team as Senior Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer.  Most recently, John served as the Insurance Commissioner of the State of New Hampshire where he led improvements in overall efficiency, speed to market of new… Read more »

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Help Protect Employees from Violence in the Workplace

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All one has to do is turn on the television or log into social media and news of workplace violence is a pandemic of modern culture. Just how widespread are such tragic occurrences? The numbers are staggering — each year, such reports exceed two million, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The outcomes… Read more »

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Four Trends Affecting the Hospitality Industry

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The hospitality industry is facing several external trends that are steadily reshaping the customer experience and how hoteliers serve their customer base. The Millennial Generation Companies in the hospitality industry are adapting and evolving to meet the preferences of millennials — a generation with vastly different expectations than those that preceded it. Today’s up-and-coming cohort… Read more »

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Three Coverages All Gym and Fitness Studio Owners Should Consider Having On Their Business Insurance Policy

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Business owners in the fitness industry have unique risks that could result in financial loss if not adequately protected. This blog outlines three unique coverages for gym and studio owners, which can be included on a small business insurance policy. 1. Professional Liability As a gym or studio owner, you or your staff probably consult,… Read more »

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Back to School Safety Tips

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The languid days of summer are all but gone and it’s time to begin thinking about the school year ahead. The hustle and bustle and morning rush will soon return, jamming the streets with more vehicles and pedestrians — including our youngest and smallest of citizens. School buses are picking up passengers, kids are hurrying… Read more »

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Cyber Insurance Can Protect Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

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One of the greatest threats businesses face today falls in the area of cyber risk: Phishing attacks, data breaches, ransomware attacks and social engineering are some top concerns especially for SMBs. Experts in the cyber arena predict that all businesses will at some point face a cyber-attack. The matter isn’t if, but when. The U.S…. Read more »

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Growing Solar Energy Market Yields Opportunities for Contractors

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Solar power production continues to be a growing industry throughout New England, as more homes, municipal buildings and businesses choose to utilize this type of clean energy.  While the Northeast region may seem like one of those places that is lacking in sunlight, there is actually quite a bit of untapped solar potential in our… Read more »

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Improvements to Trucking Industry Regulations Could Help Businesses Hire Drivers

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The U.S. economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly $670 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods annually. It’s estimated that 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S., transporting over 70% of the country’s freight. These numbers are only expected to increase, as online shopping for the retail industry continues growing year-over-year, creating a huge… Read more »

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