9 Electrical Safety Tips to Help Protect Homes and Businesses

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Every year, electrical equipment, wiring, appliances and tools cause injuries and fires at both homes and workplaces. Paying close attention to the condition of electrical equipment and taking appropriate and prompt action to correct electrical problems can help to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Below are guidelines to help identify… Read more »

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How to Prepare for—and Recover From—Disasters

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Commercial property owners don’t want to find themselves at a loss in the event of disaster. Anything from a flood or hurricane to an act of terror or cyber-attack, can destroy a business. While most of these events are out of a business owner’s control, having adequate insurance coverage is critical. But it’s just the… Read more »

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Take a Deep Breath: Protecting Your Employees from Industrial Respiratory Hazards

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Whether you’re in construction, welding, agriculture, or any other industry whose workers are exposed to insufficient oxygen environments or potentially toxic airborne agents, you’re required to protect your employees from respiratory hazards. Yet, research shows that not nearly enough employers are taking heed—and many are failing to provide sufficient training and respiratory protection. Recent headlines… Read more »

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Guidelines to Encourage and Enforce Employees’ Mobile Safety Behind the Wheel

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Connected mobile devices are with your employees around the clock – and in their cars on company time. Whether they’re mounted to the dash, clipped to the air vent, or stashed in a computer bag, smart phones and tablets are always an arm’s length away and at-the-ready to deliver e-mail updates, instant messages, or a… Read more »

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The Invaluable: Steps to Protect Your Organization’s Fine Arts Collection

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Curiosity. Inspiration. Surprise. Everyone’s response to a piece of fine art is unique—and could even change from moment to moment. Experiencing art is something that’s deeply personal, while connecting us with others across time through a shared encounter. It’s dynamic; almost alive. “Without art,” claimed art historian Konrad Fiedler, “the view of the world would… Read more »

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Ergonomic Tips for Worker Safety

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Many companies that employ a manual labor workforce regularly contend with employees sustaining soft-tissue injuries to the back, shoulders, and neck. The impact on productivity and the bottom line can be painful, in more ways than one. The good news is that these types of injuries can be largely prevented by the practice of workplace… Read more »

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Tips to Help Keep Your Property Grounds Safe this Fall

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Maintaining a secure and comfortable environment is always among the top priorities of business owners, landlords, and facility managers who welcome employees, tenants, and visitors to their properties. Yet, as the days get shorter and more leaves begin to fall, it’s only a matter of time before winter hazards strike. Since businesses can be held… Read more »

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Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know Before Launching a “BYOD” Program

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There’s a rising number of mobile application users in the workplace—but that doesn’t mean employees are chasing down virtual creatures in the board room or behind the water cooler. They’re more likely using their smartphones and tablets to collaborate with coworkers, submit expense reports, optimize pay-per-click campaigns, check e-mail, keep up with customers…and the list… Read more »

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