Acadia Insurance is proud to be the endorsed property and casualty insurance carrier for the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts (HBRAMA). As a leading provider of insurance for contractors throughout New England, Acadia Insurance understands the insurance and service needs of contractors from small to large. The HBRA program is available through all Acadia- appointed agencies.


Acadia Insurance offers qualifying contractors a full array of necessary coverages including property, general liability, workers’ compensation, business automobile and umbrella. In addition, we can provide builders’ risk coverage, installation floater and equipment coverage.

Special Coverage Options Just for Home Builders:

Liability Coverage Enhancements:

  • Waiver of subrogation clause
  • Limited pollution coverage
  • Extended property damage coverage

Property Coverage Enhancements:

  • Coverage for newly acquired property
  • Coverage for property while in-transit
  • Debris removal coverage

Group Buying Power

By purchasing insurance as a group, HBRAMA members have the advantages of buying power with a highly competitive coverage and pricing Program. By supporting the HBRAMA Insurance Program with Acadia, you are investing in the strength of the Program and growth of the Association.

Protect Against the Unexpected

You perform a survey to determine the boundaries for a new development project. You hire a land clearing contractor to remove all the trees and vegetation from a new plot, but due to an error in the survey calculations, the contractor removes a number of valuable trees from a neighbor’s property.

The neighbor sues you to recover for the loss of trees. As the root cause for the incident was an inaccurate survey, a professional service, many general liability insurance policies may not cover this type of claim. Acadia’s Home Builders and Remodelers Liability Endorsement, however, includes coverage for claims arising out of professional services.

*Loss scenarios are not intended to imply that coverage will always exist under any specific policy. Your agent can help build the right insurance portfolio for you.

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