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Photovoltaics is a major part of going “green” and as a solar panel contractor, you understand the impact of your work on the environment.

But if your insurance hasn’t kept up with the “green” industry, you could be open to significant uncovered exposures under traditional builders’ risk policies. Acadia Insurance can provide targeted “green” insurance for your business, whether your work involves the installation or operation of solar panel equipment.

The Right Policy for Your Business

Builders’ Risk Insurance for solar installation, including:

  • Hard cost, with transit and off-site storage
  • Testing and equipment breakdown
  • Delay in Completion with soft costs, additional construction expense and loss of income

Property Insurance for operational installations, including:

  • Special form inland marine property coverage
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Pollutant cleanup & removal
  • Newly acquired equipment
  • Electricity replacement
  • Energy generating income
  • Ordinance or Law
  • Debris removal

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