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The Acadia Insurance  Ocean Marine team is a group of experienced ocean marine underwriters.

Our lobster boat insurance program provides a suite of coverages designed specifically for the lobster boat industry. The program includes hull coverage, protection and indemnity and captain and crew coverage to name a few. The unique warranties and coverage terms in vessels and indemnity policy forms can be confusing, even to experienced insurance professionals. Acadia Ocean Marine should be your trusted resource in building this important coverage protection.


Meet the Marine Team

Timothy P. Morse, M.B.A.
Assistant Vice President, Specialty Marine
Phone: (207) 228-1982

Tammy Bilodeau
Director Specialty Marine
Phone: (207) 874-1682

Timothy Bath
Senior Underwriter/ Team Leader
Phone: (508) 263-2509

David Walsh
Specialty Marine Underwriter
Phone: (860) 331- 2394

Melinda Boulay, AU, AINS
Specialty Marine Underwriter
Phone: (603) 656-1409

Chelsea Clark
Specialty Marine Underwriter
Phone: (207) 874-5761

Conor Faron
Specialty Marine Underwriter
Phone: (508) 253-2582

Mandi Nickerson
Specialty Marine Underwriter
Phone: (207) 874-1642

James Wright
Senior Underwriting Assistant Specialty Marine

Angela McCarthy

Underwriting Assistant Specialty Marine

Jason Tschinkel

Specialty Marine Underwriter

Maritere Pattavina

Senior Specialty Marine Underwriter

Nadege Uwineza

Underwriting Assistant Specialty Marine

Sarah Levesque

Underwriting Assistant Specialty Marine