Vehicle Safety: Understanding the Dangers of Red-Light Running

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One of the biggest reasons that it has taken so long to train autonomous vehicles is the sheer number of calculations that the human brain has to make every millisecond in order to stay safe on the road. Though the reality is getting close and research has advanced insanely quickly in the past 5 years,… Read more »

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Getting Your Own House in Order: Understanding Contractors’ Insurance Options

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Though it may not feel like it right now with the current stay at home orders, the market will once again pick up. Businesses who paused projects or expansion plans will want to resume work, and homeowners who paused renovations will want to get projects scheduled. Time on Your Hands Now, Time at a Premium… Read more »

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Back to School Safety Tips

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The languid days of summer are all but gone and it’s time to begin thinking about the school year ahead. The hustle and bustle and morning rush will soon return, jamming the streets with more vehicles and pedestrians — including our youngest and smallest of citizens. School buses are picking up passengers, kids are hurrying… Read more »

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Improvements to Trucking Industry Regulations Could Help Businesses Hire Drivers

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The U.S. economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly $670 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods annually. It’s estimated that 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S., transporting over 70% of the country’s freight. These numbers are only expected to increase, as online shopping for the retail industry continues growing year-over-year, creating a huge… Read more »

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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With increasing technology being developed in our world today, comes the issue of distracted driving. Before technology, people were distracted by their passengers, eating, or by reading a map. Today, the technology we have poses an even bigger threat of distraction. Cell phones are the main source of distraction among drivers on the road. Being… Read more »

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Safe Driving in Winter Conditions

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safe driving

Each year, winter storms cover US roadways with snow, sleet, and freezing rain. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) over 70 percent of US roads are located in snowy regions. Beyond causing traffic jams and business closings, winter weather creates driving conditions that are a serious risk to the safety of drivers and their… Read more »

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Guidelines to Encourage and Enforce Employees’ Mobile Safety Behind the Wheel

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Connected mobile devices are with your employees around the clock – and in their cars on company time. Whether they’re mounted to the dash, clipped to the air vent, or stashed in a computer bag, smart phones and tablets are always an arm’s length away and at-the-ready to deliver e-mail updates, instant messages, or a… Read more »

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Distracted Driving – Truth and Consequences

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Drivers who have found themselves stuck in the middle of a ‘rush hour’ jam have seen examples of distracted driving at their most amusing.  Like the guy eating a bowl of cereal and steering with his knees.  Or someone brushing their teeth.  Then there’s the one reading the paper spread across the steering wheel.  Or… Read more »

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How to Tarp a Truck Safely

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Almost every industry relies on trucking to move their products. When freight needs to be moved, there are many unique exposures to consider. Lumber yards, trash haulers, gravel operations and many other industries need to tarp their loads to keep their products secure as they travel down the highway. There are some general rules to… Read more »

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