Maximizing production is of prime concern in business operations. Production levels depend on the efficiency of operations. Operational efficiency and production can suffer unless all factors affecting production are tightly controlled to prevent operational errors. The operational errors that cause production problems are usually the same errors responsible for incidents. Addressing the conditions which caused the incident will not only help prevent a recurrence, but can improve the efficiency and production of the operation.

For an investigation program to be successful, all incidents resulting in an injury requiring medical attention or significant property damage should be investigated. In addition, all “close calls,” (i.e., incidents that could have resulted in a serious injury or significant property damage) should be investigated.

What are some benefits of incident investigation?

  • Discover the causes of production interruptions and indicate the corrective action to be taken.
  • Prevent incident recurrence.
  • Mitigate the distress and suffering caused by the incident.
  • Mitigate economic losses resulting from injured employees, damaged tools, machines, property and materials.
  • Discover how methods and procedures can be improved.

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