The Major Case Unit (MCU) is staffed with highly experienced Senior Claim Specialists assigned to investigate and handle the most complex, visible or unusal claims within the company. The MCU handles all lines of Casualty claims which may involve serious injuries, extensive damages, large scale or multi-party construction defect matters or complicated coverage issues.

Our MCU professionals routinely handle claims in litigation and partner closely with retained defense counsel to strategize and guide suits through resolution.

Major Case Unit Expertise

  • Our MCU professionals are highly skilled employees located throughout New England and New York.
  • Our most experienced claim professionals bring crucial, tactical insight to every investigation, claim and lawsuit to help ensure that your interests are properly protected from the outset.
  • Our collaboration with highly qualified experts and consultants is designed to achieve the development of a precise analysis of claim facts.
  • We believe in giving individualized, focused attention to the most difficult claims in our care.
  • MCU professionals personally attend most key meetings, inspections, depositions, mediations and trials.