Acadia’s goal is to help facilitate a favorable medical outcome for your injured employee so that any interruption to your business is minimized. As your Trusted Advisors, our job is to manage the workers’ compensation claim to help ensure that an injured worker receives the most appropriate care available, at the right cost and to return your worker to gainful employment, as soon as possible.

Effective employee case management and cost containment.

  • Medical Case Management: Acadia’s claim representatives work with the medical provider, employer and, when warranted, a nurse case manager to coordinate your employee’s treatment, progress and return to work.
  • Preferred Provider Networks: Acadia has productive relationships with local hospitals, occupational health centers and medical providers who treat occupational injuries, seek positive outcomes and participate in a provider network.
  • Medical Bill Review and Payment Program: To help contain costs, medical bills are carefully reviewed, and adjusted or reduced if allowed by law or network contracts. Hospital bills are reviewed for reasonable, related and necessary charges by a team of medical and coding professionals.
  • Prescription Benefit Programs: Your injured employee can benefit from our prescription benefit program, which allows prescriptions to be filled without any out-of-pocket expense. Our program offers favorable volume pricing and a home delivery option.
  • Modified Work and Light Duty Programs: We collaborate with you to structure effective return-to-work programs for your injured workers. We encourage our policyholders to offer light or modified duty positions when physical or mental job restrictions are recommended by an injured employee’s physician.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: When needed, we partner with vocational counselors experienced in providing vocational assessments, ergonomic evaluations and retraining programs for your injured employee if he or she is unable to return to a former position.