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With increasing technology being developed in our world today, comes the issue of distracted driving. Before technology, people were distracted by their passengers, eating, or by reading a map. Today, the technology we have poses an even bigger threat of distraction. Cell phones are the main source of distraction among drivers on the road. Being distracted for even seconds can lead to accidents, damage to property, injury, and even death.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC): “Every day, at least nine Americans die and 100 are injured in distracted driving crashes” (  The NSC also states on their website: “There were more than 40,000 motor vehicle fatalities in 2017, and more than 1,000 people were injured daily by distracted drivers”. This is a serious issue that needs to be stopped.  Like with the campaign to end drunk driving that began in 1980, reversing this trend will require the active involvement of government, businesses and individuals to make a difference.  There are many resources available on how to help prevent distracted driving for yourself, your family or for your business.  A list of these resources is available below:

Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving for yourself or others:

Business Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving

  • Have a strong policy in place that does not permit distracted driving by employed drivers
  • Leverage solution providers like TRUCE to mitigate distracted driving risk. (Acadia customers eligible for a discounted rate!)
  • Limit the amount of passengers allowed in the vehicle

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. Join Acadia Insurance and take our pledge to stop distracted driving:

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