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The Acadia Insurance Virtual Loss Control team was created about one year ago with the concept of providing direct safety-related informational and real-time assistance to Acadia Insurance customers, our agents and employees.  Over this period, and as this idea has continuously evolved, the Virtual Loss Control Staff has worked with several hundred clients.  What is not clear at this point is the degree to which our many customers are aware of our capabilities and the potential benefits that we have been building with our Virtual Loss Control (VLC).

In this article, while being mindful that Acadia VLC is but a year old and continuing to grow our ideas and concepts, I will present several servicing features being offered by our Virtual Loss Control team.

A few of the services currently offered by our Virtual Loss Control Team are as follows:

  • You may order no cost, on-line streaming safety videos for your use for management and employee safety training.  As an Acadia Insurance customer, you can access the several hundred titles available from J. J. Keller and Wumbus Corporation.  Simply go to our website, review the video catalog titles and complete the order form.  Virtual Loss Control will send you a link to the video selection(s) within two business days that you can use to watch, review and instruct at your convenience and that of your employees.
  • You can build a customized safety program or develop safety plans and procedures by either working directly with a VLC Team member or having a development template sent to you that you can use to design your personalized business safety plan – or both.
  • Should you have a safety-related question that you need to discuss, Acadia Loss Control has a direct telephone number and e-mail address that you can use to address your inquiry.  The Virtual Loss Control consultant first responding to your informational request may either directly attend to your issue or assign another one of our safety consultants who is better qualified to assist you with your needs.  For most questions, our response goal is for a one business day turn around.

Other areas where Acadia Virtual Loss Control can support your business:

  • OSHA standards mandate employer-responsible, specific and documented employee training.  That duty to interpret the standard, identify the need, plan and carry out the training with the correct documentation rests with you, the employer.  Want help? Our Virtual Loss Control team can assist and advise you with developing, administering and documenting your training, all while we do this at a time and date most convenient to you and your employees.  As an example;
    • Virtual Loss Control can give you the freedom to select and schedule your company’s required training for the year at intervals of your choosing.  Thus, rain-out days for construction companies do not have to be non-productive days.
    • As a training session nears, you will receive an e-mail notification that includes the internet link, the selected video or document to complete the training and an accompanying quiz with included answer key.
    • Upon successfully passing the quiz, you will have the option to download and print a certificate of completion for the employee.  Also, an electronic record of training results can be provided to you to maintain as an easily retrievable training-record document.
  • Multiple-location video training can now be done virtually.  As an example, a contracting business with multiple jobs running at ongoing but different work locations can begin the week with a toolbox session for workers at all, or selected job sites.   With this scenario, all that is needed is internet or Wi-Fi access, a computer, tablet or even a smart phone with connected accessibility where each employee can view the training at the same time, or different times should you choose.
  • Virtual multiple-location live safety meetings.  Having periodically-scheduled real-time meetings or training sessions held simultaneously at more than one location can be a significant cost-saving and logistical benefit. Historically, this has been a difficult feat to organize.  Acadia Loss Control and our Virtual Loss Control Team now have the capability to assist you in setting up real-time meetings that can stream to up to 25 locations.  Presentations can be made by any selected members within the grouping, handouts can be delivered real time on-line, quizzes can be completed following the training session and live question and answers sessions can be held.  Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you can conduct the event from the convenience of your office, while our Loss Control representative may be housed at another location.
  • For our Synergy customers, multiple-location Synergy meetings can also be arranged.  This can allow for more frequent contact with the Synergy team without the cost and time burdens associated with travel.

In summarizing, our goal is to continue developing Acadia Virtual Loss Control into a premier, interactive and easily-accessible virtual partner where you can access cost free, up-to-date training, information, technical support and cost-saving communications. While several examples of our virtually-driven loss control services have been described here, your and our creative ideas can be limitless.  You can contact Acadia’s Virtual Loss Control Team by calling 1-800-870-1170 ext. 5701 or by emailing the Virtual Loss Control team.  Where do you see Virtual Loss Control heading in the future?

Acadia is pleased to share this material with its customers.  Please note, however, that nothing in this document should be construed as legal advice or the provision of professional consulting services.  This material is for general informational purposes only, and while reasonable care has been utilized in compiling this information, no warranty or representation is made as to accuracy or completeness.  Distribution of this information does not constitute an assumption by us of your obligations to provide a safe workplace. Maintaining a safe workplace in accordance with all laws is your responsibility. We make no representation or warranty that our activities or recommendations will place you in compliance with law, relieve you of potential liability or ensure your premises or operations are safe. We exercise no control over your premises or operations and have no responsibility or authority to implement loss prevention practices or procedures.

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