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The news is full of articles about Fleet Safety Technology, and firms offering these services are regularly promoting their products. In regard to fleet management, Fleet Safety Technology combines location and imaging technology with software designed to help businesses manage and protect their fleet of vehicles. (If you want to learn more about Fleet Safety Technology and the benefits, check out our other blog on the topic).  But what does all of this mean for you? There are a wide variety of tools used to monitor activities and capture data from events. They range from the very basic, to the extremely sophisticated. Perhaps a typical scenario can help set the stage.

A Typical Loss Scenario

Your employee is operating a company truck on an interstate highway near a busy interchange with another highway. Traffic is backing up. Your driver is traveling in the middle lane of three lanes and a vehicle squeezes in front of him, reducing his braking time. Your well trained and experienced driver strikes the vehicle in the rear end.  In the subsequent police interviews, the driver of the passenger vehicle alleges your driver simply rear ended his vehicle, and denies making any sudden lane change.

Without Fleet Safety Technology

It essentially becomes your driver’s word against the driver of the passenger vehicle. Even if your driver did everything to avoid the accident, you could wind up being responsible for part or all of the damage to the other vehicle.

With Fleet Safety Technology

The value of a dash cam is clear in this case. A forward looking camera, with a support system to retain or transmit images and data, would provide undeniable evidence of what happened.  Your driver would be exonerated. There are thousands of similar events that, with the benefit of data and imagery capture, allow the true story to be shared.

If you haven’t looked into the various products and programs available, you should consider doing so. A valuable resource for beginning research is This website has a wealth of basic information available. At the direct level, you can also ask your agent for more information about Acadia’s programs and vendor suggestions. You will be glad you did.

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