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What is Premium Audit?

A premium audit is designed as a service to you that ensures you pay the appropriate premium. The primary purpose of the audit is to calculate your final premium. Premium audits are typically performed on Workers Compensation, General Liability and some Automobile policies.

Your audit will be completed as either a mail, phone or physical audit.

Mail Audit

You’ll be asked to enter premium base (ie Payroll/Sales) data on a form that we send to you in the mail. We will also ask for supporting documentation including but not limited to: 941 Tax Reports, Profit & Loss Statement, and Certificates of Insurance for Sub-Contractors.

Phone Audit

A representative will contact you via phone to review the premium base and classifications on your policy. The representative will ask that you forward supporting documentation via e-mail, fax or through the mail.

Physical Audit

A representative will complete an on-site review of your business. The representative will call or e-mail you after your policy has expired to schedule the visit. The representative will review your business records including the general ledger, payroll journals, tax reports, Profit & Loss Statements, as well as Certificates of Insurance for Sub-Contractors. The length of the meeting will depend on the complexity of your business.

Acadia Insurance utilizes vendor relationships to complete premium audits in addition to our in-house staff. Acadia works with the following Premium Audit Vendors. If a company not listed below attempts to contact you, please call us at 1-800-773-4300.

  • RLD Associates
  • Nielsen, Inc
  • Premier Insurance Partners
  • Accurate Premium Audits
  • NEIS
  • Interstate Premium Auditing


Work with your agent

Work with your agent to set accurate payroll/sales projections. Most audits with additional premiums are a result of setting estimated exposures too low.

Keep accurate records throughout the year

Keeping accurate records will ensure that you pay the lowest possible premium. When auditors can’t determine information they estimate or use the highest rated codes which means higher premiums for you. By keeping clear records you’ll make sure that you pay the most competitive premium.

Obtain Certificates of Insurance for Sub-Contractors

If you use a sub-contractor and you do not obtain a Certificate of Insurance that sub-contractor will be charged as an employee under your policy. Taking the time to obtain a Certificate when you hire a sub makes the audit process easier.

Don’t ignore your audit!

Understand that if you fail to comply with a premium audit your policy will be adjusted with estimated exposures (sometimes as much as 200%) that are likely much higher than your actual exposures.



Our contract with you gives us the right to review all records that relate to your policy. These records include (but are not limited to): ledgers, journals, registers, vouchers, contracts, tax reports, payroll and disbursement records and programs for storing and retrieving data.

» For a copy of our privacy policy click here

I think there was a mistake and I’d like to dispute my audit results, what do I do?

Disputes must be made in writing and must contain specific information about the dispute. Simply disputing because of an additional premium is not sufficient to initiate a dispute.

I’ve had an audit estimated for failure to comply. Can I dispute it?

It is not permissible to dispute an estimated audit. Once you have complied with the audit your premium will be adjusted accordingly.

Acadia waived my audit.  Is this correct?

Yes, Acadia may waive an audit based on a variety of factors including but not limited to premium size.

Does my agent have the right to view the audit worksheets (which contain sensitive payroll information)?

No. Acadia will not share the audit worksheets with your agent unless we have a signed disclosure authorization form signed by you (the insured). Click here for a copy of our disclosure authorization form..

» Click here for a copy of our disclosure authorization form


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