Cyber Insurance Can Protect Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

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One of the greatest threats businesses face today falls in the area of cyber risk: Phishing attacks, data breaches, ransomware attacks and social engineering are some top concerns especially for SMBs. Experts in the cyber arena predict that all businesses will at some point face a cyber-attack. The matter isn’t if, but when. The U.S…. Read more »

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What Small Business Need to Know About Cybersecurity in 2019

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You’re operating your small business in an increasingly digital world. Your customers use digital devices to stay connected with their favorite brands, including yours—they upload and download content from the internet; conduct transactions on apps; share information over email, social media, and messaging platforms. Likewise, your employees tap into data and productivity tools from both… Read more »

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Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know Before Launching a “BYOD” Program

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There’s a rising number of mobile application users in the workplace—but that doesn’t mean employees are chasing down virtual creatures in the board room or behind the water cooler. They’re more likely using their smartphones and tablets to collaborate with coworkers, submit expense reports, optimize pay-per-click campaigns, check e-mail, keep up with customers…and the list… Read more »

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